Dr. Richard Bandler’s European Trainings


This area of the blog is dedicated to all the Trainings that Dr. Richard Bandler will teach in Europe in 2015.
In this section you can choose to book in advance your tickets and have a better price according to NlpLife booking policy.

If you are landed here, is because you wanto to know more about Dr. Bander, Nlp and how you can better manage your thoughts and behaviours or, simply, to know something more about yourself and your mental processes.
So. What is Nlp?
Nlp is a mind techonlogy. The Nlp achronime stays for Neuro Linguistic Programming.
It was created around the 70’s from the living genius Dr. Richard Bandler on the priciples of the modeling.
The human behaviour has a structure and therefore can be studied, replicated or changed.

Nlp has developed quickly in the field of Therapy first due to its power to give freedom to think actively to people and get back control of their mind, master their emotions and have a better life.

Dr. Bandler Teaches Nlp allover the world and, when he comes to Europe, it is always a great time and fun for all of us.
Here you can find Dr. Bandler Agenda for 2016 and and HERE an extensive description about how Nlp can positively impact and change your life forever.

If you want more information and book your place, click freely on the link and book with confidence directly to the largest Nlp provider in UK.

When tickets are booked with large advance, you are entitled of an interesting early bird discounted price.

When it comes to go around the world to follow seminars, I have found very useful to share a big apartment with other partecipants. If you are interested in evaluating this option please let me know.

If you have any question, please, contact me directly, I will be more than happy to assist you


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